Tighter Standards slow housing market

Tanya is a self-employed writer with solid credit and enough savings to put 30 percent down on her chosen Connecticut house. But for the past year, no lender would approve her. Then one got personal.



Housing: The Good News Won’t Last Long

There has been no shortage of encouraging numbers in recent housing data. New home sales rose 14.8% in April. Existing home sales were up 7.6%. And pending home sales? They were up 6%. Meanwhile housing starts gained 5.8%. And that’s enough of the good news.

The tax credit has expired, so we’re back to reality. And the reality is that the government can’t use tax credits to buy prosperity in the housing market. Not when a record number of foreclosures are waiting around the corner. The little glimmer of hope we saw is about to be overtaken by the grim fact that the housing market is too fundamentally weak to stand on its own.

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Author – Brian Renzy

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